iComparator Benefits

  • iComparator pre-processes input files to identify "changes" only
  • Reduce processing volumes
  • Fast, accurate and secure
  • Maintains a full archive of data
  • Maintains a full control history
  • iComparator is completely configurable to address your specific data needs


Typically systems are good at providing "snapshot" extracts of their data for external use. The snapshot is a complete extract as at that given point in time. Most systems that must process this data are only interested in the changes - new records, deleted records and amended data - that have occurred since the last time the snapshot was processed. This puts the burden of determining data changes onto each of these systems.

iComparator can quickly analyse large quantities of data from two sets of single or multiple files to create one or more files holding only the resultant data changes.

The structure of the files to be compared is fully configurable.

A wide variety of data types is supported including: character, numeric, date/time, currency and memo/text types.