• Designed to fit seamlessly into your existing environment
  • Reduces business risk
  • Improves operational efficiency and cost reduction
  • Greater reporting flexibility and transparency
  • Provides the foundation for integrating business growth quickly and effectively


We are experts in property data, processes and IT systems. We provide a range of software products for property investment organisations and their partners addressing the needs of single users, workgroups and departments.

  • iInfoManager Our powerful information integration system consolidates data from your and/or your partners property systems and provides you with consolidated, validated and accurate data.
  • iPerformance Calculate your portfolio performance returns - at the click of a button - enabling you to check performance returns before the data is submitted to IPD.
  • iXchange Streamline the valuation process between a property manager and a valuer. Detects differences in the factual data used by the valuer and provides Exception Audit reports for the client.
  • iComparator Used by property IT professionals iComparator takes two sets of inputs, identifies changes in the data and produces a set changes ready for further systems processing.