Systems talk...

  • Object-oriented design and class model aids fast build to accommodate your specific requirements
  • iInfoManager implements generic ELT (extract, transform and load) processes provide a powerful means of mapping external data sources into a common standard
  • iInfoManager's core database can be extended by user-defined tables and fields
  • Automatically created and refreshed Query database provides secure access to desktop applications and external users.


Take data from any external System - eg: from your Property Management System and combine it with valuation data from CIRCLE and L&T reviews sourced from your Agents.

Only properly validated, referenced data is accepted (although you control how rigid the rules are). You can add your own data fields. All is consolidated and integrated into the Core database.

Use our purpose-build or standard desktop tools (eg: Excel) to view iInfoManager data.

Deliver your consolidated information to internal and/or external users via the Internet.