• Add a new lease of life to your existing core operational systems
  • Save 75% in development costs
  • Reduce elapsed timescales by 80%

"We were sceptical about anyone being able to deliver a custom system which would meet our design requirements within a reasonable budget. Affinity's professional approach and direction has resulted in the commissioning of a system in a relatively short timeframe which has exceeded our expectations with the minimum of headache to us. The new system has transformed the efficiency of our operation. We are delighted."

Ian Greenhalgh
Partner - King Sturge

Custom Solutions
Case Study


Our innovative approach to building custom applications will provide you with clear benefits compared to traditional software development methods.

Project Opportunities
  • Data Quality/Audit
  • Data Consolidation
  • Enhanced Reporting
  • Web Delivery
  • New Functionality
  • Management Information
  • Data Analysis/Metrics

We have used advanced object-oriented techniques to develop a vast array of pre-built generic IT systems functionality - oriented at the property investment sector. This means that our projects are more to do with assembly than development and are therefore much lower risk, faster to develop and much better value than traditional custom build projects.