iXchange Benefits

  • Streamlines the valuation process from the receipt of instructions to production of the valuation
  • Removes the need for manual difference checking and thereby frees up professional resources
  • Enables the user to focus on those items causing material differences
  • Improves corporate governance through the production of Exception audit reports


iXchange takes input from the client's property management system(s) and from the Valuer's systems.

The two feeds are compared, matched and differences identified for on-line viewing and output in a variety of formats. The user may view or suppress differences on a field by field basis to focus on specific areas or types of mismatch and to identify those differences having a material effect on the valuation result.

The information content includes Property data, Unit data, Lease and Tenant data, Rental and Lease Break data, and may include Area data.

iXchange can be used as part of the regular valuation process to identify changes since the last valuation and to provide Exception audit reports to the client.