Efficient Client Reporting using Affinity iXchange

Commercial Property Fund Valuations

iXchange provides Investment Organisations, Managing Agents and Valuers with the wide range of functions needed to combine, compare and report on portfolio data.

"Affinity iXchange allows us to produce timely and accurate client reports without compromising our ability to deliver high quality services and enables us to reduce the time spent by professional staff in transferring and checking data."

Rupert Johnson
Head of Valuations
Knight Frank

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donal ryan

Donal has worked on a wide range of consultancy and systems development projects. He has held a variety of roles from programmer to project director covering the whole project lifecycle from feasibility study through to implementation. He has carried out business process reviews covering front, middle and back office operations procedures and has a detailed understanding of the asset management requirements for a wide range of asset types including: commercial property, equities, fixed income stocks, money market, fx, and futures and options.

He has managed custom systems developments and carried out vendor selection exercises. He has been responsible for scoping system requirements including business area mapping, transaction definition and data modelling. His experience covers most of the major hardware, operating software, database and programming languages used within commercial systems development. He has also set up project infrastructures from scratch and implemented systems development standards.

Donal is responsible for Affinity's range of data integration and data quality/audit products for the property investment sector.